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How to add a microplate in ELN Page?

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ELN allows you now to add microplate in your page. The map of samples plated can be visualized in the ELN page directly.

To add a microplate to ELN, follow the below steps:

1. Create a plate in Storage

2. Add the plate in ELN

1. Create a plate in Storage

  • In order to create storage you need to go to ADMIN -> STORAGE -> MANAGE STORAGE.
  • You need to add the
  • Be Careful note
    ONLY the container type “plates” will be visible in the ELN microplate section.
  • See the below example for a plate with samples that is stored.



  • For example, see the below image with the plate full of samples.
– The below example can be done if you process plates and you dont want to cluster storage with plates every time you do experiments on them.
-You can also use it if you often do PCR and you need to create plate maps, so you can store them like below.
-If you use samples regularly, you can create an example/fake location in storage browser, where your

  • Facility/Room= for example “Sample Processing”
  • Equipment = Year
  • Rack/Shelves/Drawers= Month
  • Plates/Boxes = Date (datetime if you do multiple sample plates in 1 day)
    Please read the Knowledge Base on organize storage browser.


2. Add the plate in ELN

  • In ELN at the page level, you can now add the microplate and also attach the map of the plate of samples that you are going to perform experiments on.
  • You can organize your page to “Design” and add the block of “Microplate”.


  • On your page you will see microplate, where you can add your plate from storage. See the below video.
  • You can add more than one microplate in the ELN.


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