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LabCollector offers the possibility to dispose of lots, that could potentially be contaminated, expired, or that has any other issue.

Please note that only certain user levels that were specified in Admin -> Preferences -> Reagents & Supplies can destroy a lot, request its disposal or approve ongoing disposal requests, (this is possible starting from version 5.4 and above). See screenshot below.

1. To fully dispose of a lot, you will need to first go to the module of your choice, then click on the “display lots” icon located to the left of the record. After that, click on the red “X” button located to the right of a lot to dispose of it. (As shown in the screenshot below).

2. You will then need to give a reason for disposing the lot. Once done, you can choose between confirming its disposal or requesting for it to be disposed.

As of version 5.4+, you can request an approval to dispose of a lot.

3. After confirming your choice, the chosen lot will be highlighted in red (as shown in the screenshot below).

4. Now, to manage the disposal list, go to Tools> Disposal List Management.

5. Select the lot from the Ongoing request list and choose whether you want to reject the disposal of the selected item or approve of it. (See screenshot below).

If you have a long list of lots, you can also scan the barcode of your lot to find it.

6. You can then go to the Approved disposals” list and click on “Effectively Dispose Selected Items” to destroy the lot after selecting it.

7. You can also view the list of all lots that were disposed of, by clicking on Past disposals”.

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