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To create a ticket, go to then click on Open a ticket.

Note. On the same page, you also have access to our SLA and other support. See KB-LabCollector support.

LabCollector ticket system can be used in Guest mode or with a registered account.

The Guest mode allows you to open a ticket once and follow your issue. You need to keep the email that you received after ticket submission or the ticket number to check its status.

If you want to follow more than one ticket and don’t want to enter profile information each time, we advise you to register.

To register, it’s easy. Follow these steps:

1. Click on Sign in then Create an account

2. Fill in the form once

You should receive an email from LabCollector Support to confirm your account. Don’t forget to look in your SPAM folder and accept this email as safe.

3. Sign in when you need to with your email (the username is the email) to check the status of all your tickets.

You can also respond directly to the ticket email from your email box. All these emails will be saved in your ticket account.