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High availability is often a good idea in situations where server failure is not an option and recovery time is crucial.

There are multiple ways to make it.

Follow the steps below:-

1. Amazon AWS approach

2.Server Manager approach

1. Amazon AWS approach

  • Here we suggest a simple approach on Amazon AWS that you can replicate in local setups in VMware or other hypervisors (we also use Proxmox, which is a very good open-source virtualization platform on Debian).
  • This is a general idea:
    HA on AWS


  • Here we have a VM with all the needed LAMP (Apache, PHP, Mysql) components.
  • The webroot folder can be set on a link to Amazon AWS EFS (on your local infrastructure you would use NFS to a well set NAS with good RAID option and replication plan).
  • A second VM or RDS on AWS will host the MYSQL databases. This database server will have replication, multi-zone, and a good backup plan.
  • Now, another layer may be to use the AWS load balancer to point to VM according to traffic and VM availabilities.
  • This setup gives an easy scale up by adding more VM replicas (just launch from an image template from the first).
  • Since all data are on EFS/NFS, there are only generic server packages and so each VM is easy to replace or reconfigure.

2.Server Manager approach

  • This approach includes replicating the Master server with the help pf LabCollector server manager app.
  • With this approach you need to manually enter the IP address of the master server in order to create a replica.
  • To manage this you nee PRO version of LabCollector server Manager.
  • You can read our blog on high availability to understand this approach.

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