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The “storage browser” and “manage storage” options in LabCollector help the user to store the location of each record in a precisely defined place. Research labs deal with several samples, chemicals, etc that they need to store in a specific location with specified temperatures, etc. All this can be done using the storage browser.

You can define the box diagrams as models that you can choose while defining your storage positions for the storage of items (e.g. samples).

Follow these steps to configure the storage for your lab:

1. Configure Model boxes

2. Choosing the model in storage browser

1. Configure Model boxes

  • To configure your storage, go to ADMIN -> STORAGE -> MANAGE STORAGE -> MODELS.
  • Click on the add model option .
  • You will see the below page:
  • 1. For example, you want to make a box that represents a tube tray to store samples with 5 rows & 15 columns (5R15C)
    – You can select the box name and type.
  • 2. Types for example like can be like the below image.

    – Once you select the type, you can edit the size of the box accordingly. for 5 rows & 15 columns, you can add A1 to E15, and when you click on the you can see how your model looks like.

    – When you want to close or block the position of some wells on the plate then you can click on the sign.
     (this could be needed if you are making the and allowing it for common use, in this case, any user will use this box and can be able to save the samples/reagents. etc in this box. Hence you can block some places for your use or to keep a certain sample or chemical in the same place. 
    – When you click on the + sign then those cells will be closed. These positions will be excluded from the box map.

    – You can open these positions again by clicking back on the sign.

  • 3. You can assign this box as common, meaning for everybody to use or just for a specific group or user/superadmin, etc
    * For creating groups go to ADMIN -> MANAGE USERS and when you have defined users you can go to MANAGE GROUP POLICIES and create groups. You can add members by going back to MANAGE USERS and assigning groups to already existing members.
  • 4. Once you are done you can click on the update model option.

2. Choosing the model in storage browser

  • When you go to TOOLS -> STORAGE BROWSER, you can choose the location & equipment of your choice and in the equipment, you can click on the option add a new box option.
    See the example below.

  • The below page will open where you can select the box model that you created in section 1.

  • Once you define the storage you can save it and then add samples in this box.

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