SMS alert setup in Data logger

Data Logger is a network-based application for the day-to-day control of storage equipment temperature, humidity, CO2, and other data centralized in LabCollector LIMS.  It provides you to have alerts for the equipment via email and SMS. Note:  By default, the alerts are … Continued

Quick WiFi configuration for OW-Server WiFi

Configuration of the OW-SERVER_v2-WiFi (USB flash drive, basic configuration) Using a USB cable with a micro USB connector on one side, connect the OW-SERVER-WIFI-2 to your computer. The flash drive should have a file named “CONFIG.TXT”.   1. Open this … Continued

OW-Server WiFi manual

Please find here the complete manual for OW-Server WiFi manual from Embedded Data Systems.

OW-Server Quick start guide

Getting started with the OW-SERVER can be done by following a few steps. Please review all steps in this guide to ensure you will have everything ready to complete the setup. 1. Apply power to the OW-SERVER. The green PWR/ACT LED … Continued

OW-Server ENET manual

Please find here the complete manual for configuration of the OW-SERVER-ENET from Embedded Data Systems.