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LabCollector allows to link to other software with the help of API. Generally the API services require in their settings to add the token number. This token is generated by LabCollector, which can be added to other software.

Follow the below steps to configure the Steps to generate the token.:

1. Configure settings in LabCollector

2. Generate the token

1. Configure settings in LabCollector

  •   API token is generated from your LabCollector by going to ADMIN ->OTHER -> SETUP -> WEB SERVICES API

  • To create a new service, you need to “Define a new application”.
  • i. You need to define the name of he application.
  • ii. The person who is going to be the operator of the API service.
  • iii. If you required you can add IP restriction as well. To Manage the IPs you can go to ADMIN -> USERS & STAFF->MANAGE AUTHORIZED IPs. If you select yes and save the API settings, it will ask you to add the IP in the image in the 5th point below.
  • iv. The API service then can be connected to the LabCollector, in either modules or add-ons.
  • v. Once you have done al the settings you can click on “ADD” .

2. Generate the token

  • Once you create and “Add” the new service, you will see your API key like below.

  • To see the token you can click on “View Token”, which will open a pop-up like below.

    • 1. The name that you gave to your application API.
    • 2. Token number that you will need to connect your API.
    • 3. You can copy the token by clicking on this icon.
    • 4. You can create a 1D barcode for the token and print it.
    • 5. You can simply scan the 2D barcode to connect the API to your application.

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