LSMRemote config.ini: Appearance & login options

SUMMARY: Config.ini file allow you to change the appearance of the LSMRemote pages according to your needs using various options. Follow the steps below to configure different options in LSMRemote config.ini:- 1. Install LSMRemote and integrate into your website 2. … Continued

How to customize the look of LSMRemote?

SUMMARY: LSMRemote now allows to change the font and button colors on the login page. This allows for better customization for your lab and related themes. 1. Font Family 2. Button colors Primary Secondary Cancel Be Careful note *Remember for … Continued

LSMRemote Config.ini file

SUMMARY: For test labs that receive a request to perform tests (jobs) on a sample from a requester (clinic, hospital, etc), our Lab Service Management (LSM) add-on is the best option. However, to make the process easier we offer our … Continued