How to use chemistry editor?

SUMMARY: The molecular editor is present in both the Chemistry module and ELN. Chemistry editor can be used to create a chemical structure and save it as a record. It also provides you the possibility to edit a chemical molecule … Continued

How do you use the Fx equation editor?

SUMMARY: Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), provides you with a rich text editor that allows you to use a page with many functions, like the photo, plate, chemistry editor, creating LabCollector links to reagents and supplies, copy-pasting from Word document directly, … Continued

How to use Photoeditor SDK in ELN?

SUMMARY: Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) offers various options to replace the paper lab notebook. You can link records like reagents, samples, create templates for pages or excel sheets, draw diagrams, upload images and moreover edit the images. ELN offers PhotoEditor … Continued

Linking records from LabCollector in ELN content

Linking data from LabCollector is very easy in ELN using the LabCollector icon . When you click on the content section in ELN Page the rich text editor opens and you can see the LabCollector option. This option allows you … Continued

Whats inside ELN’s content Rich text editor?

The rich text editor of ELN provides you with various options.  Each of them is described below.   The ELN uses HTML editing, so by viewing the page’s HTML or source code, you can see how elements on the page are handled as … Continued

DO NOT add files on the rich text editor

If you want to attach files in a form module, please add files on custom fields. Go to ADMIN > DATA > CUSTOM FIELDS and create in the selected module a new field of type FILE (you can chose to … Continued