Artificial Intelligence (AI) in LabCollector

In our continuous quest to improve your lab experience, LabCollector is thrilled to introduce the integration of OpenAI, a pioneer in artificial intelligence. The following Knowledge Base article will give you a step-by-step guide on how you can activate and harness the power … Continued

How to set up your third party apps integration?

LabCollector offers various set-up options. It is ready-to-use (insofar as is possible), its configuration can be easily managed by the super-admin in order to meet your specific laboratory requirements. In the following Knowledge Base, we will show you how to … Continued

LabCollector Advanced Search Manager with Elasticsearch

SUMMARY: LabCollector has released new add-on called “Advanced Search Manager” that enables more searching options in LabCollector with the help of Elasticsearch. Its distributed architecture makes it possible to search and analyze huge volumes of data in near real time. It … Continued

Public database from LabCollector

LabCollector is user access restricted. However, in some cases, a public database may be of interest to provide a list of lab resources to the community. We propose two solutions: – A semi-restricted local database: For those who need a … Continued

Scientific Communication with Mind the Graph

Mind the Graph helps you create images like a professional, with incredible illustrations made by scientists for scientists. With this LabCollector ELN plugin available in page content  or Infographic page section, you can create: Diagrams to explain your experiment protocols … Continued