Use our TeamViewer QuickSupport module

Close your TeamViewer application. Then, download and execute this TeamViewer QuickSupport module,   Send us the ID and password.

LabCollector support

SUMMARY: All our support resources are available on You can create a ticket a ticket by following 2 routes. 1.LabCollector instance 2.LabCollector website 1.LabCollector instance You can also access it from your LabCollector instance. 2.LabCollector website 1. The ticket … Continued

How to use our ticket system?

To create a ticket, go to then click on Open a ticket. Note. On the same page, you also have access to our SLA and other support. See KB-LabCollector support. LabCollector ticket system can be used in Guest mode … Continued

How to connect to the Free Conference Call meeting?

Free Conference Call is easy to use. Just follow these few steps: 1. A link like will be given by your contact Follow this link to start. 2. A tab of your browser opens and quickly a new popup … Continued

How do you refresh your browser cache? (FR/EN)

Some display issues or corrections that don’t appear when they were made, may be due to your browser cache that keeps track of an erroneous image. You need to refresh your cache which depends on your internet browser and your operating … Continued