How to set up your Rack Scanners?

LabCollector offers various set-up options. It is ready-to-use (insofar as is possible), its configuration can be easily managed by the super-admin in order to meet your specific laboratory requirements. In the following Knowledge Base, we will show you how to … Continued

How to setup and configure Scan Server with LabCollector?

SUMMARY: Reading barcodes from SBS-format racks, a 2D-Barcoded sample is made effortless by the Rack scanner. The tubes don’t need to be removed from the rack to be scanned. LabCollector offers integration of rack scanners to increase the automation process … Continued

Rack scanners installation and connection with ScanServer

  1. AgileBio ScanServer installation This Windows software is a server listener to directly connect LabCollector with Rack Scanners. Begin by downloading the scan server ZIP folder on /clientarea then section Downloads > Utilities (you may need to log in and/or register). … Continued