How to obtain my LabCollector’s License?

SUMMARY: In the following Knowledge Base, you will find all the necessary steps to obtain your LabCollector license and unlock its full potential. From requesting and activating your license to updating it, we have detailed instructions and helpful tips to … Continued

Guide to LabCollector for new Clients!

SUMMARY: Once you have purchased LabCollector and the payment has been done, you need to follow certain steps to install or start with LabCollector. Once your a client, you will fall under 2 categories, where you need to follow appropriate … Continued

How to provide activation key to get license?

SUMMARY: If you need AgileBio’s assistance, in having a new license, for either LabCollector or any add-on, then you can either do it directly from your client area or you can request AgileBio for assistance. *NOTE: Please if you are … Continued

Client Area Tutorial

SUMMARY: LabCollector’s client area offers a variety of options to enhance your user experience. From convenient add-on downloads to seamless access to support and upgrades, dashboard management, ticket creation for issue resolution, access to storage accessories, and newsletter services, you’ll … Continued