How to obtain my LabCollector’s License?

SUMMARY: In the following Knowledge Base, you will find all the necessary steps to obtain your LabCollector license and unlock its full potential. From requesting and activating your license to updating it, we have detailed instructions and helpful tips to … Continued

Guide to LabCollector for new Clients!

SUMMARY: Once you have purchased LabCollector and the payment has been done, you need to follow certain steps to install or start with LabCollector. Once your a client, you will fall under 2 categories, where you need to follow appropriate … Continued

How to provide activation key to get license?

SUMMARY: If you need AgileBio’s assistance, in having a new license, for either LabCollector or any add-on, then you can either do it directly from your client area or you can request AgileBio for assistance. *NOTE: Please if you are … Continued

Client Area Tutorial

SUMMARY: LabCollector’s client area offers a variety of options to enhance your user experience. From convenient add-on downloads to seamless access to support and upgrades, dashboard management, ticket creation for issue resolution, access to storage accessories, and newsletter services, you’ll … Continued

How to create and set alerts for tubes? (v6.0)

LabCollector allows you to create alerts for tubes in the storage. You can create tubes of reagents or any other strains and mark them for an alert whenever they reach minimum quantity or when they are getting expired.  This helps … Continued

How to add panels to LabColletor v6.0?

SUMMARY: LabCollector allows you to organize your modules, add-ons, links, or tools on the homepage of your LabCollector. This provides you the option to organize the look as per your need. Moreover, you can navigate easily on LabCollector as you … Continued

How do I search in LabCollector?

LabCollector offers several possibilities to search a record. All the options are explained below in detail. You can just click on the magnifying glass (without entering anything in search) for the list of records to appear. LabCollector provides you with … Continued

Can I see/list all records in a module?

Yes. Just do a blank search with no keywords and click on the magnifying glass icon. This full list can also be exported in various formats (html, csv, xml, excel or pdf) using the export search result button.  

System Requirements – Hosted options (FR/ENG)

  HOSTING PLATFORM – SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS LabCollector can be installed using the installation wizard (On Win7, Win8, Win10, Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016, 2018 or 2019) or manually on any operating system (Windows, Unix, Linux, MacOS X 10.2.6 or more … Continued

What is LabCollector?

LabCollector is a collaborative solution (web-based: LabCollector uses network capabilities and is accessible over all computer in the lab) to manage day-to-day laboratory information (samples, reagents and supplies, equipment, plasmids, antibodies, documents, …) and samples storage allowing tracking of any … Continued

How does the remotely hosted version work?

You purchase ONE license of LabCollector to cover the appropriate number of users and you just ask us to install it on our web server. You will get a personal link to access to your LabCollector and use it as if … Continued

LabCollector support

SUMMARY: All our support resources are available on You can create a ticket a ticket by following 2 routes. 1.LabCollector instance 2.LabCollector website 1.LabCollector instance You can also access it from your LabCollector instance. 2.LabCollector website 1. The ticket … Continued

How do I print records?

Printing records To print records from any of the modules go to the “Print” option in the selected record. A new page will appear where you can select options: 1. A model can be selected in a preformatted list. See … Continued

Icons meaning (EN/FR) V.6.0

Icon list in LabCollector modules version 6.0 Liste des icônes dans les modules LabCollector version 6.0 (Right and left tabs/Bandeaux de droite et de gauche) All modules at right /Tous les modules bandeau de droite Edit record Editer une fiche … Continued

Icons meaning (EN/FR)

Icon list in LabCollector modules Liste des icônes dans les modules LabCollector (Right and left tabs/Bandeaux de droite et de gauche) All modules at right /Tous les modules bandeau de droite Edit record Editer une fiche Duplicate record Dupliquer une … Continued

Label network printers and roll types

SUMMARY: LabCollector allows you to create barcodes for all the records, using their unique ID’s. These barcodes help to gather all the information related to the specific record. You can create barcodes for all samples, reagents, etc. For the barcode … Continued