Recipe Manager (v6.0)

SUMMARY: Recipe Manager tools help for managing, executing, and tracking the production of media, complex reagents, product assemblies, etc. This tool is linked to the Reagents & Supplies records and associated lots, therefore you must create records for the chemicals/reagents … Continued

How to setup and use Recipe Manager (old version)

In LabCollector, a “recipe” tool is available to manage production of media, complex reagents, product assemblies and much more. This recipe tool is based on a catalogue of recipes with the components from specific lots within Reagent & Supplies module … Continued

Samples batch tool (Rack scanner)

On the home page you have access to a special Add-on tool to generate a rack/tray to be loaded into LabCollector. This accelerates sample registration with direct storage definition. This tool has three usage modes: Direct Manual import Generic map … Continued

Purchase order management – A to Z

The Reagents & Supplies and Primers modules are linked to an order management system. This tool can simply be used to notify that articles need to be purchased or it can be a real order management tool. General use of … Continued

How to manage memorized items?

LabCollector offers the possibility to memorize multiple records at once, while being able to perform various actions on them, such as archiving, deleting, replicating, …etc. This process would help you gain time and facilitate your work. Plus, all of this … Continued