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LabCollector allows you to easily reset your passwords if you have forgotten them. Please follow the below steps to reset your passwords.

1. Manage users

2. Forgot password option

3. Reset using php option (For superadmin only)

Be very careful to remember your usernames and passwords for your logins. You need to remember username for resetting the password.
In case you forget the password and user name then you can connect to the database to know the username. If you are hosted with us, we can do it for you. If LabCollector is hosted on your server then you need to do it yourself.

1. Create lab members & manage users

  • In LabCollector you can create lab members and then assign them different user level permissions.
    *Please refer to the knowledgebase how to manage users.
  • Important Note
    Please remember that for the section below, you need to have your email information in Lab members email field, to be able to send the reset password link.

2. Forgot password option

  • In case you have forgotten your password, you can go to the login page of LabCollector and click on “forgot your password” option.

  • You will be redirected to the below page, where you will need to add your user name (It is the login ID that you generally add for LabCollector). You will require this information for the resetting of password.

    *Note: You can find this in ADMIN -> USERS & STAFF -> MANAGE USERS.
  • *Note:  Remember other user levels (admin, staff, staff+, user, visitor) cannot see the login ID (username) for superadmin.

  • Once you click on submit your reset password link email will be send to your email & you will see the confirmation like below.
    (See section 1 above to create lab member for checking where to put the email address)

  • You can check your emails to see the reset link.

    Be Careful note
    You need to have proper smtp settings configured in your LabCollector to be able to receive the email for password reset. You can do so by going to ADMIN -> SETUP -> PROXY,TASK SCHEDULER & EMAIL. Read more about it in our online manual.
  • When you click on the “reset password” link, you will be redirected to the page below, where you will need to create the new password.

  • Please remember to follow the rules while creating password, for which you will require.
    • 8 characters
    • 1 lowercase
    • 1 uppercase
    • 1 digit
    • 1 special character
  • Once your password matches and your login has been created successfully, you will see the below message where you can click on back to login link and login into LabCollector with your new password.

  • If you are a superadmin, you can reset the password for other user levels (admin, staff, staff+, user, visitor) by going to ADMIN -> USERS & STAFF -> MANAGE USERS.

3. Reset using php option (For superadmin only)

  • This option is only for superadmin in case one has forgotten even the username and password both.
  • It cannot be used by other user levels (admin, staff, staff+, user, visitor).
  • You can reset your password by accessing the URL http://yourlabname/reset.php
    Replace your lab name with the LabCollector URL you use to login into.
  • You will be redirected to the page like below. Here you can put the username of any other existing user, if they have or remember their username. The point is this username should exist in the LabCollector.

  • Once you submit the request, the superadmin password is reset to a default one called “admin” (without the “” signs).
  • Now you can go to the LabCollector login page and enter your username (the one you set in section 1 above) and the new password admin.

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