Samples Module

This module stores any kind of samples that your lab manipulates. It forms the backbone of sample data inventory where you can perform various functions related to it a link it to any other record in the LabCollector.

Custom Sample Types
Track Storage Location
Scan & Import
Derived Samples
Record Analysis
Integration with Add-Ons

Samples Module Main Benefits

How it works?

Users can add multi-level processes or tests to each sample, which are kept by entry date and can be easily created with predefined process indications and associated phase specific reports. Samples and associated processes are connected to its operator. Sample data can be linked to other sample records or information on other modules. An analysis tab allows to display custom fields for storing analysis results or secondary information. Samples’ records include an analysis tab easily configured to store lab analysis results. You can also perform a batch sample import with link to Micronic’s 96 well scanner.


“Thanks again for all the help! Our experience with Lab Collector and the people there have been stellar!”
-Ralph L. from Xanadu-

Xanadu Quantum Technologies

Mobile Inventory Apps

The LabCollector App goes beyond basic browsing, offering unique native features to boost LabCollector’s capabilities on your phone. It scans all barcode types within active fields and connects to a highly secure native biometric system, ensuring efficient laboratory management on the go.

TubeScan App

An app designed to scan tube barcodes within your LabCollector and retrieve pertinent details. TubeScan connects to your LabCollector via API, accommodating both 1D and 2D barcodes (including internal barcodes, precoded tubes, and aliquots) to access sample information. With TubeScan, you can conveniently destock tubes/vials or adjust volumes as needed. It also facilitates the generation of barcode lists in CSV format, which can be conveniently shared via email. The app requires a functional LabCollector instance with an API web service enabled.

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