Address Book Module

The address Book module can be used and configured to store any kind of contacts, like partners, clients, vendors, lab members, etc. You can add all the details about the company, phone number, email address, etc. Address Book allows you to create and store, for example, all the vendors where you buy your equipment, reagents and lab supplies from. In the Address book module, you can:

  • View records in alphabetical order.
  • Create categories for buyers and sellers or lab members.
  • Search result according to ID, status, category, etc.
  • Link the address record to any other module.
  • View the instrument from a vendor if it is being used in ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook).
  • Visualize the vendor or reagent supply manufacturer being used in the Workflow add-on.
  • Create custom fields in the modules according to your preferences.

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