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Strains & Cells

This module allows you to easily manage laboratory strains & cells like bacteria, viruses, plants, drosophila, stem cells and other organisms. Due to LabCollector’s extensible customization, you can personalize forms used to enter data by simply adding custom fields which can be searchable and/or mandatory. Once data is added, you will be able to assign organisms main and secondary storage locations for efficient tracking.

Import data for diverse organisms
Generate barcode labels
Precise location tracking
Cross-organism linking
Customizable organism setup
Access rights management

Strains & Cells Module Main Benefits

Create & Manage Your Database

For each data, lab staff can store analysis results by using a dedicated tab with specific analytical functions. Numeric and visual custom fields are available in LabCollector to facilitate the display of analysis results. For example, the analysis tab can be used to save information about antimicrobial resistance of bacteria. Through the strains and cells management module, you can also create derived samples for each record.

This functionnality can be helpful to easily link a principal record to derivatives. Other link types are also available in LabCollector to connect records. All LabCollector modules are connected to a barcode label generator providing a quick and easy method to identify and track samples.

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Mobile Inventory Apps

The LabCollector App goes beyond basic browsing, offering unique native features to boost LabCollector’s capabilities on your phone. It scans all barcode types within active fields and connects to a highly secure native biometric system, ensuring efficient laboratory management on the go.

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