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Storage System

Detailed Storage System Whether you are a Research Lab, Biobank or IVF lab, numerous samples, tubes, reagents, and products have to be stored. It is essential that every item and sample can be easily assigned storage and retrieved quickly when needed. LabCollector LIMS storage system meets these requirements and provides an efficient solution.

Track your laboratory storage

Work faster and better

Storage for straws

LabCollector LIMS storage system also manages straw storage. Easily create nitrogen tanks, canisters and visotubes. You can choose color codes for simple and clear straw storage. To facilitate multiple straw storage at once, there is an option to repeat a color in the same visotube.

Wireless handheld barcode scanners

With the usage of wireless handheld barcode scanners one can instantly access boxes or tube contents and any kind of barcoded data from anywhere covered by a wi-fi network. We provide high quality and compatible equipment like the Touch PDA.

Animal Storage

LabCollector LIMS allows you to manage animals and their storage. All information concerning your animals: sex, age, genotype, genealogy tree, status, etc. can be easily recorded in the Animal module. To complete this module, a cages occupation plan is accessible directly from the module and you can manage all the animals from there: remove, change cages, cages can be moved. Watch our video! Learn more…

E-catalog add-on

E-catalog is an addon that simplifies mass import and updates of your lab reagents, supplies and consumables directly from suppliers lists. It brings a flexible CSV parser and mapping setup to match your LabCollector. This add-on brings efficient and faster imports/product updates. It is compatible with any CSV provided by any supplier. This FREE add-on will coordinate well with the LabCollector Purchase Order Manager and assist in e-ordering (punch-out) to Merck, Qiagen, VWR/Avantor, and many more. Learn more…

e-catalog mockup

Mobile Inventory Apps

The LabCollector App goes beyond basic browsing, offering unique native features to boost LabCollector’s capabilities on your phone. It scans all barcode types within active fields and connects to a highly secure native biometric system, ensuring efficient laboratory management on the go.

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