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Reagents, Chemicals & Supplies

The easiest way to store, organize, find and share your work. This module stores any kind of reagents, chemicals or supplies that are used in your lab. Search and browse by keyword, allows quick access to reagents & supplies data. The module allows complete custom categorization, risk and safety data management and associates sellers or local distributors contacts (with item prices). It also keeps track of each different lot with available quantity and original barcode number. FIFO/FEFO lot usage can be imposed.

Risks & Safety Management
Supplier Integration
Lot Tracking
Versatile Data Storage
Quick Access
FIFO/FEFO Implementation

The Reagents & Supplies Module Main Benefits

Purchase Order Manager

Purchase Order Manager optimizes your procurement, expediting order and stock renewal. Easily memorize items and integrate them into a user-friendly interface. The resulting order list includes essential information, ready for printing.

It provides insights into order status and historical data. Activate alerts for expiring articles or reaching minimum quantities. The system facilitates automatic batch creation, supporting partial deliveries, and generating Purchase Order Forms with predefined templates.

Order reagents and supplies directly from renowned suppliers like Sigma Alderich (Merck), VWR (Avantor), ThermoFisher, and Qiagen within LabCollector.

Direct-to-Supplier E-Orders:

Optimize your procurement process with our punch-out e-order system for major suppliers. It ensures faster processing, delivery tracking, and efficient lot storage. The system includes features for invoicing, quotes, budget follow-up, and e-catalog integration for clean product records directly from suppliers’ lists. Additionaly we can generate your Purchase Orders and send them to any supplier. Read more

E-catalog add-on

E-catalog is an addon that simplifies mass import and updates of your lab reagents, supplies and consumables directly from suppliers lists. It brings a flexible CSV parser and mapping setup to match your LabCollector. This add-on brings efficient and faster imports/product updates. It is compatible with any CSV provided by any supplier. This FREE add-on will coordinate well with the LabCollector Purchase Order Manager and assist in e-ordering (punch-out) to Merck, Qiagen, VWR/Avantor, and many more. Learn more…

e-catalog mockup

Mobile Inventory Tools

Mobile inventory tools gives a way to update reagents’ quantities quickly and better follow/track real stock state. With precise lots management, you can track lab turnover of every item and easily keep up with dangerous and sensitive items.

Weight Tracker add-on

This powerful tool enables precise weight monitoring, making it easier to track your sample and reagent quantities. The Weight Tracker Add-On facilitate lab processes, optimizes inventory management, and enhances your research experience. Let’s explore the benefits and features that make the Weight Tracker a must-have for all LabCollector users. Learn more…

MSDS & Safety

Keep track of all your chemicals including safety data from MSDS, SDS and GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals). Learn more…


With Recipes your lab can easily track, manage and report on the production of supplies in house. Recipes and production management is a simple tool that bridges the gap between a full scale ELN and the records in inventory. The tool makes it easy to know what components you need and which lots of each are available and valid. Amounts used are automatically deducted from the inventory. Reports can be made for each recipe. Each time a recipe is used, a new record is made in LabCollector for the product.