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Batch Generator
(Rack Scanners)

This LabCollector LIMS feature allows lab staff to catalogue samples that have been scanned by lab equipment, such as readers and scanners. Use it to import storage tube data (sample name, tube position and rack ID) from 2D single barcoded tube and/or 2D barcoded tubes stored in racks.

How it works?

Batch generator features

For BioMicroLab ScanMini and HS, Micronic Traxcer, FluidX and Thermo scanners use the scan command of the Batch Generator (Rack Scanner) tool to simply start the reader and import tubes data information into LabCollector LIMS.
Once the scanner trigger button has been clicked, a real time list and rack/box map is displayed:


New version ScanServer v5.20 with HTTPS support!

LabCollector offers integration of rack scanners to increase automation processes in labs thereby reducing data entry errors. Results can be sent over local/remote networks through TCP/IP servers. Thus, data can be imported from rack scanners & an integrable file can be generated. We now support Ziath DP5 firmware and software. Learn more…

scan server screenshot

Our ScanServer Is Compatible With:

Import unsupported scanner outputs, use the reader to capture data in an output file that you can import into LabCollector LIMS. The Batch Generator (Rack Scanner) is compatible (in file import mode) with most scanners on the market like FluidX, BioMicroLab, Thermo, Micronic, Ziath, etc. If you are using another scanner brand, we can add it to the list. Contact Us!
This tool is very useful to manage vast quantities of daily samples and ideal to ensure an efficient sample tracking in the lab. It can be used in conjunction with Tube sorter add-on for a better automation process. We now support Ziath DP5 firmware and software!
All equipments compatible…

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