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    On-PremiseOnlineCloudDon't Know InventoryAnalytical managementQualityCompliancyExperiment managementProduction managementMaintenanceOther YesNoDon't Know
    YesNoDon't Know Electronic Lab Book (ELN)Lab Services Manager (LSM)WorkFlow ManagerReceiving & PlatingStability Test ManagerTemperature / Data LoggerGantty Project ManagerPhotoBankEquipment SchedulerTube SorterCentral Store ManagementEvent CalendarQuery BuilderPlants ManagerSNP Genotyping ManagerStaff Training and Compliancy(soon)Aquarium Facility ManagementProtein Tracking System (PTS)Fly Stock Manager

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    NoneInstallation ServiceTutorial/TrainingConfiguration setupData Import ServiceLC Server Manager PROI-Collector and instrument interfacing NoLabel printersLabels (detail size, usage - cryogenic, RT usage,...)1D and 2D barcode readersPDA/Portable terminalsLoggers and sensorsI-Collector HUB (to safely connect instruments or loggers)

    We have printers, scanners, labels, sensors, PDAs etc HERE.

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