Antibodies Module

Antibodies Module is capable of storing all the data for antibodies used in your lab. You can include various information about the antibody such as specificity, host, type, etc. This makes accessing the antibodies information very easy. You can also perform powerful searches for specific type of antibody, using the advanced search options. Using Antibodies module, you can:

  • Link antibodies to any other module like strains & cells, samples, etc.
  • Link to reagent and supplies module to order the antibody easily.
  • View the activity log to see the actions performed on antibody.
  • Enter the storage location of the antibody and its aliquots.
  • View the active lots of antibodies in use.
  • Connect the antibody stained images (like cells, bacteria, histology samples, etc.) to Photobank add-on.
  • View if the antibody is been used in an experiment in ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook), LSM (Lab Service manager) or Workflow add-on.

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