Chemical Stuctures Module

This module stores chemical structures that your lab manipulates. Chemistry labs doing manipulations with chemical molecules can now have a inventory about all of the structures. You can create records of chemical molecules structures with all the relevant information in one place. Chemistry module:

  • Supports 2D and 3D structures like chemicals or protein PDB models (MOL/SDF, CDX and PDB file types).
  • Link with the structures to reagents or any other module.
  • Define the risk and safety of the structures with various risk codes.
  • SD files with multiples structures can be imported automatically.
  • View spectra graphs for the molecules.
  • Creation of derived structures from parent chemicals.
  • Link the molecules to Workflow Manager, Electronic Lab Notebook and Lab Service Manager add-ons
  • A powerful sub-structure search engine can be added to take full benefit of this database.
  • Provides exact location with help of storage browser.
Provides JMol applet for molecule visualization and requires the free MDL Chime Plug-in to be installed for spectra graphs.

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