Animals Module

This module helps you to manage your animal crossings and facilities. You can easily manage and organize the animal cages if they are occupied or available. This makes animal management very easy and efficient to perform. Animal module helps you to:

  • Organize different types of animals (mouse, hamsters, worms, etc).
  • Perform crossing between animals.
  • Include information about their gender & dates of birth, experiment, or death.
  • Assign if they are an offspring of a previous crossing.
  • Allot status if they are available for experimentation.
  • Visualize animals that are dead by cross icon in front of their name.
  • Schedule cages for arrival of animals in cage facility plan.
  • Tag the animal cages with barcodes.
  • Comment on the health of animals and other observations.
  • Create custom fields in the analysis tab to enter results or any other secondary information.

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