Primers Module

This module stores information about primers. Makes it easy for labs doing extensive tests like PCR. You can store all the primers relevant to your research at one place. Primers module provides options like:

  • Primer records include details like orientation, purity, labels and availability.
  • Search engine can accept sequence queries.
  • Primers data can be linked to other primer records or information on other modules.
  • There is also the possibility to manage a primers order and synthesis list.
  • Link primers to plasmid or sequences modules.
  • Link primers in your Electronic Lab Notebook and workflow icons.
Primer annealing tool: One can also find matching template sequences for a particular primer, looking on plasmid or sequences modules. Annealing search is done in both direct and reversed/complement directions and with primer degenerate code. A self-explanatory logo indicates the match confidence between primers and sequences. The partial annealing feature (30% homology annealing) is provided to find primers used for direct mutagenesis or constructions like “tag” fusions. The primer annealing tool is ideal to find primers or sequences related to each other without having to do time consuming cross-information data entry between primers and sequences which is automatic.

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