NEW BLOG: Relationship/Parenity testing in LabCollector

Paternity testing is a process of determining the biological relationship between two or more individuals through DNA analysis. This is typically done using a DNA sample from each individual, which is analyzed to identify genetic markers. Therefore they were then used to compare the DNA profiles of the individuals being tested.

To manage the relationship/paternity testing process, LabCollector provides a Lab Service management module. This module allows laboratories to track the status of samples, tests and calculate results throughout the testing process. Furthermore, this feature comes with a user-friendly interface that allows laboratory staff to easily manage and monitor the entire process, from sample collection to final reporting. LabCollector helps ensure accuracy and quality control by tracking each step of the testing process and ensuring that all necessary documentation and data are properly recorded and managed. LabCollector can integrate automated paternity scoring based on alleles and kinship algorithm. The automation comes in the form of an I-Collector plugin.

LabCollector is an ideal tool for laboratories that perform relationship/paternity testing. Its suite of features and integrations make it an efficient and effective solution for managing the entire testing process, from sample tracking to data analysis and reporting. By using LabCollector, laboratories can ensure accuracy, efficiency, and quality control in their relationship/paternity testing operations.

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