LabCollector v6.045 – new features & security update

New important security update for LabCollector


A new version of LabCollector v6.045 is now available for download which brings important security fixes and new features.

We strongly recommend you to update your LabCollector instance as soon as possible, make sure to update with the version v6.045.


  • For clients hosted on our servers, the update has already been applied.
  • For clients hosted on AWS or VPS options managed by us, please request the update.
  • For all other clients, please go directly to your Client Area and download the new LabCollector version or update with the help of Server Manager.


­LabCollector v6.045:

  • Security fixes
  • New option to reject a lot disposal
  • New update function from GenBank
  • Possibility to add a tab for stability tests’ samples in custom module and sample module tabs
  • Mass update of category field, sub-fields and project code field of memorized records
  • No maximum limit for username size
  • New option to add a tank/batch ID to a custom module experiment
  • New system to purge or review audit trail logs
  • Improvement of the PDF printing option
  • Search options improvement with capitals and hyphen insensitivity
  • Resolution of detected bugs