Add a QR Code to your report!

Add a QR Code to your report!
LabCollector has made some improvements for LSM & LSMRemote.
Discover now the new features: 

LSM | Report QR Code

A new tag is now available on the report template! ##case_qr_code##
With this new tag, it is now easier to download the report once it is made available on the portal. A simple scan is enough to check its conformity, its origin or to access the original report. Simple, fast and above all secure!


Others improvements for LSM and LSMRemote:

  • New tags in the results report template: ##test-code##, ##requester-users##, ##matrix_with_sum##
  • New option to unarchive requesters, tests and sample types
  • New possibility to view the requester directly at the opening of the job
  • Enhanced visualization
  • New sorting option for default parameter at the sample level
  • Improved configuration of test categories
  • New tag to add a QR Code on the results report to download the report directly
  • LSMRemote: new option to modify a job with Pending status

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