Handle Recipes like a chef with LabCollector v6.10!

Handle Recipes like a chef!

The Recipes tool is improving


LabCollector 6.1 is here! And with this new version, some amazing new features for RECIPES are here too. Let’s find out more.

What is Recipes & Production?

Recipe Manager tools help for managing, executing, and tracking the production of media, complex reagents, product assemblies, etc. This tool is linked to the Reagents & Supplies module and associated records and lots.

1/ Alternative components

Add an alternative component for a recipe. This allows you to choose the component you want to use when you run the recipe. The brand and the name of the reseller are displayed to make the right choice.

2/ Quantity tolerance

Add now a tolerance for each quantity and for each component. A same or different tolerance can be applied to an alternative component.

3/ Multiplier

Simply calculate the new quantities needed by adding a multiplier. All calculations are done automatically by the system. The tolerance is also modified according to the multiplier.

4/ Basic step & generic quantity

You can now add a customized step. Add text or a generic quantity for this specific step.