LabCollector v6.04 is here with great new features!

Please, complete the security check to access your LabCollector! 
We are pleased to announce that the new version of LabCollector v6.04 is now available!
The entire LabCollector team has been busy developing the new version of LabCollector v6.04 with brand new security features such as the Two-Factor Authentification (2FA) and Captcha test. Discover now the improvements and new features of this LabCollector v6.04 and the new version 3.1 of Windows Server Manager:

LabCollector | 2FA & Captcha

To ensure optimal security when connecting to your LabCollector, two new security systems can now be activated:

  • Enter a code defined according to your criteria and received by Email (or SMS) for Two-Factor Authentication
  • Simply enter the numbers and letters that appear on the Captcha

It’s up to you to choose the system you prefer!


Server Manager | Version 3.1

A new verison is now available for Windows Server Manager! This new version includes an all new feature for High Availability Replication. All your data will now be save in real time! Read our Knowledge Base Article to learn more about this new feature.


Other improvements of LabCollector v6.04

  • Security improvements
  • New login system with Captcha test
  • New login system with Two-factor Authentication for SSO login
  • Login now blocks after 3 fail login attempts and is recorded in audit trail
  • Import GenBank Data from NCBI directly in Plasmids module
  • Enhanced alerts for equipment maintenance
  • New option to completely remove a group and its users
  • New possibility to derive record from a module to another module
  • Possibility to sort by ID after another filter was selected in Manage User section
  • The Mass Update is now available for “secondary owner” and “group share”
  • New storage filters in each module (“room” select), search records with “no storage” or “any storage” (at least one storage)
  • Enhanced visualization by adding an icon to show if a record has a storage
  • Tube Count column now shows all other storages (“Other” meaning anything other than tube and straw)


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Discover now how LabCollector can help you secure your access to your LIMS, with Captcha Test and Two-Factor Authentification. Simple, efficient and easy to activate!