Improved security with LabCollector v6.032!

Improved security with LabCollector v6.032? 

Your data must always be safe. In order to ensure this security, the LabCollector team has developed a few adjustments and improvements to the security.
We recommend upgrading to this version for all clients running LabCollector v6.x on publicly accessible servers. 
Discover now the version of LabCollector v6.032!

LabCollector | Integrations

LabCollector has been busy developing external tool integrations to enhance your user experience. You can check out the multiple integrations available such as online scheduling appointmentonline payment, use of test management platforms and many more!


LabCollector v6.032:

  • Resolution of detected bugs
  • Enhancement of security
  • Improved password encryption
  • Improved security to retrieve a password
  • PDF label printing: manage different memorized samples
  • PDF A4 printing: print memorized aliquots

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