LSM & its portal are evolving: Making appointments and setting up LSMRemote made easy!


LSM & its portal are evolving:
Making appointments and setting up LSMRemote made easy!

Many new features are available on LSM and the web portal to increase the efficiency of your laboratory and also of your partners. The portal keeps getting better: appointments, payment integration, e-signature, CSV import, job pre-order, patient pre-registration… Discover these new features for LSM v4.037x and the web portalLSMRemote.

LSMRemote | Appointment Scheduling

LabCollector offers now the possibility to integrate an appointment scheduling system with Acuity Scheduling directly into LSMRemote portal for patients.
With the personalized scheduling page, patients can easily see your availability in real time and schedule their own appointments. 

LSMRemote | Config.ini direct access

To modify an item on the web portal, you need to access the config.ini file on your computer. All of this is now simplified thanks to the implementation of a direct access to this file from the portal for a Super-Admin. Modifications can now be made directly on the portal no need to search for the file on your computer.

LSM & Integration of Medical Platforms

LabCollector now offers medical platform integration to help manage the testing process, including COVID testing. Integrate now with 1HealthORDRSPWNHealth


Others improvements:

LSMRemote Web Portal:

  • Integration of an appointment scheduling system, Acuity Scheduling
  • The requester is now notified by email when a job is pre-ordered
  • Possibility to set up a specific list of requesters in the pre-registration form (indicate a laboratory field)
  • New filter by case record for job list
  • Enhanced search options in job list with multiple words
  • Enhanced CSV import with existing patients only
  • New option to add an extra sample parameter on PDF label​
  • Job pre-order and Patient pre-registration portal for patients
  • Integration of Stripe and PayPal 
  • New option for electronic signature 

Lab Service Manger v4.037x:

  • New option to lock templates for more compliancy
  • New option to download a case record list linked to a requester
  • New functionality to add a category field in the requester contact form and the ability to filter requesters by category
  • Enhanced job list export with results
  • Enhanced search in job list by sample name
  • Pre-ordered jobs are now excluded from job list default view and home
  • Enhanced batch report with the addition of batch barcode, number of samples and a case record column (if enabled)
  • API: use of more fields to search for the requester during creation (code, name, company, registrationID)

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