New Blog: Manage batch sampling efficiently with LabCollector!

In today’s fast-paced laboratory environment, it’s more important than ever to have efficient and reliable tools for managing and organizing large quantities of samples and tubes. That’s where LabCollector comes in.

LabCollector is a software that integrates hardware such as scanners and readers to allow lab staff to quickly scan and catalog samples, including information such as the sample name, tube position, and rack ID. This is especially useful in labs that handle constant testing, such as biobanking, COVID-19, genomic testing, and PCR testing, where hundreds or thousands of samples must be processed and managed without error.

LabCollector offers several tools to assist with this process, including the “Sample to Box” add-on, the “Batch Generator” tool, and the “Sample Receiving & Plating” add-on. These tools work with rack scanners to import and organize data from scanned samples and tubes, saving time and reducing data entry errors. They are compatible with a variety of scanner brands and can be used in conjunction with the “Tube Sorter” add-on for even greater automation.

To learn more about how LabCollector can streamline your lab’s sample management process, be sure to check out our new blog post. Get all the details and see how LabCollector can help your laboratory run more efficiently and effectively. Don’t miss out – read the blog now!