New LabCollector v6.05

New LabCollector v6.05!


What’s new in LabCollector v6.05

  • Security improvements: When resetting a password, you are no longer allowed to use the same one as before.
  • Security improvements: the reset allows only 3 unsuccessful attempts before blocking access for 10 minutes
  • NEW: The barcode general search can now be used to search aliquots
  • NEW: A new default field is now available for NACRES code for Reagents & Supplies module and linked to Purchase Order Manager (France only)
  • NEW: The unique code field is added to the audit trail when the secondary storage is deleted
  • NEW: Options to share records by default
  • UPDATED: The Scheduler calendar revamped in Equipment module
  • Improvement of the PDF printing: you can now only select visible fields and use the field legend
  • IMPROVED: The GenBank update now also updates the sequence
  • Update MolEdit to last version (v1.5.2) in Chemical Structures module
  • The memory mass updater is now available to all user levels
  • Creating a custom field sets the “active” parameter to YES by default
  • Autocomplete custom fields that are used in searchin custom fields can’t be deleted
  • Resolution of detected bugs