New & improved version of LSM v.4.039 with more features!


Advanced LSM & LSMRemote:
Testing made even more easier!


Everyday LSM features are enhanced making workflows of labs easier. LSM now comes with more options for integrations, printing barcodes, automatic record creation, and many more features. Discover these new features for LSM v4.039 and the web portalLSMRemote.


LSM | Notifications

Notifications to case records now comes with more options. You can now send notifications when job is created or when it is accepted, making patient-requester information, more transparent.


LSM | Automatic Record Creation

LSM now offers to create automatic record creation in custom modules, either when a job is created or job is accepted. More work done with fewer clicks and automation of features can now make a lab more efficient.


NEW improvements:

Lab Service Manager v4.039

  • Improved API updating
  • More options for better management of results
  • Easy-to-print several barcodes with more options
  • Improved PDF printing
  • Bulk delete option for “pending” jobs
  • Send token by SMS/emails for either created or accepted jobs
  • Searching sample type made more easier
  • More improvements with receiving/sending in integrated platforms (ORDRS)
  • Optimize reports with various new tags, options for report templates
  • Bulk update equipment & protocol
  • Better job/test view with test code specification
  • Automatic creation of records either when job is created or accepted
  • More options for better export of job data
  • Improved option for calculated field parameter
  • Enhanced and better loading of LSM workload view & charts

LSMRemote Web Portal

  • New “file” & “image ”field types options
  • Faster job list loading for large data set
  • QR-Code now works with token & security parameter