New version ELN v4.23 with many new features!

New version ELN v4.23 with many new features!

The new version of ELN is here! Discover now the version 4.23 with many new features: Voice recording block, block expansion feature, link between a recipe and a page AND with that, the new version of ELNDocSend App v3.0!

Talk to your ELN

Add and record voice notes directly into your ELN:

  • Record the audio with your microphone
  • Listen to it again
  • Download the audio file

Expand your content

A new feature allows you to expand a content or spreadsheet block into a larger view.

Other improvements for ELN v4.23

  • NEW: Block to record vocal notes
  • NEW: Block to add linked pages
  • NEW: Link recipes to a page
  • NEW: Block extension function, allowing to edit blocks such as textual content or a flat spreadsheet in a larger view
  • NEW: New “Migrate” button to transfer all the data from the old flat spreadsheet (legacy) to the new one (spreadsheet v2)
  • NEW: New scannable barcode to select a book/exp/page with the ELNDocSend application
  • NEW: Add spreadsheet type selector
  • NEW: New page component Microplate
  • NEW: Link tag to a project and add a mandatory tag on the project
  • NEW: Add tag to book by selecting a project
  • NEW: Save a page block for reuse
  • NEW: Generate a template from a page
  • NEW: Notifications drop-down menu to see all changes made
  • NEW: Security of the signature to avoid any modification of the database
  • NEW: Button archive/unarchive on the book homepage
  • IMPROVED: Add search tags by group in tag manager
  • IMPROVED: With advanced permissions, only PIs can sign pages of all members of their groups without explicit permissions in books
  • IMPROVED: Copy/paste image from one page to another create a complete URL
  • IMPROVED: PhotoeditorSDK updated



ELNDocSend Mobile App v3.0


ELNDocSend App allows you to send your paper annotations, notebook pages or other photos directly to LabCollector Electronic Lab Notebook in a few clicks!