Activate a test kit directly on LSMRemote & discover the new version of ELN now!


Activate a test kit directly on LSMRemote
and discover the new version of ELN!

LabCollector launches new versions of its add-ons LSM and ELN! Many new features have been added to these add-ons to make their use even more complete and simple. Check out the new Kit Activation feature on the LSMRemote portal and much more!

LSMRemote | Kit Activation

LabCollector offers now the possibility to activate a kit directly on its portal LSMRemote. The patient can simply register and activate his kit by adding the requested information. He will then only have to drop it off at the desired collection point. Simple, fast and above all contactless! 


Others improvements:

LSMRemote Web Portal:

  • New section for Kit Activation
  • New option to create and edit a new record to an attached module through the portal
  • Enhanced search with Case Record field
  • New option in New Job to pre-filled some field of a case record if it already exists
  • More field types for Patient Registration form

Lab Service Manger v4.038x:

  • Improvements with integrated platforms(1Health, ORDRS)
  • New option to archive a requester and disabled linked users
  • New option to add and edit an attached module for the web portal
  • Possibility to extract PDF of a batch of jobs
  • New email template to send a client all his job reports in one PDF and one email
  • Export a PDF or ZIP file with all reports for batch jobs completed or finished
  • New report tag #matrix_catalog#
  • Enhanced visualization of case record in job view with a new button
  • New option to unarchived a job
  • Enhanced audit log search by date range
  • Enhanced layout in case record setup
  • License requesters/samples limit visible with a colored progress bar
  • Enhanced user interface
  • Enhanced API
  • Better filters for control charts

Electronic Lab Notebook v4.14:

  • New tree books filters by owner, creator, last editor
  • Enhanced ELN API to support getting and editing experiments associated files
  • New project and tag filters to Page Signing and Page Validation
  • Enhanced Page Validation/Signing loading by limiting to 200 results in preview list
  • Enhanced pages sorting with tree alphabetical and creation date sorts
  • Now separate tree sorts for books and experiments
  • Better installation of digital certificates for signature
  • Better functioning of FileConnector

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