New Blog: Barcoding with LabCollector!

Barcode printing allows to improve the organization of laboratories with a standardized label system. It helps with specimen identification & sample tracking. It is proven that labeling systems in laboratories and biobanks can reduce manual-entry errors, misidentifying samples, improve testing accuracy, and provide safety to patients by labeling and tracing their samples. Barcoding with LabCollector is simple!

Create personalized labels to save time and organize your lab/biobank.

Barcode printing allows to maintain high standards in a laboratory, biobank, etc. Barcoding also enables you to manage a huge database without getting lost as well as putting a barcode label on everything in order to control it properly. Barcoding reduces human errors, recognition errors, and transcription errors. Save time on training and labor because barcodes are easy to use to improve your productivity. Barcodes provide asset & security tracking, theft deterrence, peace of mind, and a demonstrable reduction in loss/liability.

Implement and improve your track-and-trace solution today with LabCollector! Learn how in our blog now!

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