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LSM Lab Service Manager

LabCollector Lab Service Manager (LSM) is the ideal add-on for testing laboratories that perform tests and analyses on a daily basis. It is a single application, which allows you to run a job with multiple tests and samples, generate reports for patients, clients, partners based on templates, invoices and much more. LSM also incorporates a powerful API technology, which allows it to connect to third-party remote applications and instruments. It is a complete LIMS software that is easy to use and configurable to meet the needs of your laboratory. A web portal is also available. This portal completes the overall LSM offering, and facilitates exchanges between two partners (e.g., an analytical laboratory and a sample collection center) for sending samples, analysis requests, receiving results reports and other administrative documents, and much more.
LSM LabCollector for testing labs

Allow Clients To Place Requests

Service lab staff have a dashboard and control interface to track jobs, protocols, result reports. Information created during all projects steps is stored in the LSM and LabCollector LIMS (a collaborative database for the lab information management). All steps, tests, assays, protocols, parameters can be configured and adapted to any kind of lab service. Jobs are assigned to operators and can be tracked. Clients have online access to place orders and download results with a dedicated login and interface. Finally, core facility administrators can generate customized bills for each principal investigator or client.

The Main Benefits of LSM:

  • Dashboard with quick overview
  • Unlimited projects/jobs
  • Custom services/analysis
  • Manage user permission level
  • Operator management
  • Client access (fully featured): list jobs, initiate job, status follow-up
  • Remote portal plugin suited for WordPress or any other website
  • Protocol, reagent and equipment management
  • Sample status and processing
  • Sample batch treatment
  • Simple Scheduling
  • Results upload and formatting
  • Direct upload of results from equipment (API)
  • Easy remote web/mobile interface for results
  • Multilingual interface
  • QC chart
  • Barcodes are fully supported
  • CoC upload and formatting
  • Quotes, invoicing and billing management


Remote Web Portal: LSMRemote

LSMRemote is a ready to use web/mobile interface extension of your Lab Service Manager offering your client a web access to submit requests or download their results. Uses an easy HTML code to be embedded on any website like WordPress, Joomla, etc.

Web Portal for Providers

The portal also offers to providers self-service for seamless access to sample data, test results, test reports and invoices. All information is collected and directly linked to LabCollector and in particular to the LSM add-on.

  • A private access
  • Simplification of job submission through the use of pre-established forms
  • Real-time status monitoring
  • Receive reports and invoices directly on the portal
  • Available also a RESTful API allowing totally customized client portal development

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Web Portal for Patients

LSMRemote portal offers patient access to register their information, send a test request or simply retrieve their results.

  • Several possibilities for patients: patient or job pre-registration
  • Provision of pre-established forms to fill in
  • Quick and easy access to online results
  • Online appointment booking and choice of the desired sampling location

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LabCollector offers the possibility to integrate several tools to make the use of LabCollector and especially LSM even more efficient. Here are the possible integrations with the LSM add-on:


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Lab Service Management Software LSM
A collaborative application to manage laboratory services!
Lab Testing Management Dashboard
  • Dashboard with quick overview.
  • Unlimited projects/jobs.
  • Quickly review services, tests, analyses, and reporting.
User can configure tests for any purpose
Totally configurable by end users. Set up clients, jobs, and all information needed for running your tests and assays.
Options for a client
-LSMremote and API technology helps
you to connect to your clients.
-Clients can have their own account to
request jobs and retrieve results
Result Report
Send or print customized result reports.

Customize your
CoC/Shipment report

Create your batch list and share it with your staff
Quality control/data charts for equipments performance and samples.

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