All LabCollector add-ons

LabCollector LIMS can include optional applications. We are constantly working on these modules to provide you with a larger choice of features. In the near future we may open this possibilities to custom 3rd party modules. You can also suggest ideas for optional modules in our contact form.

icon eln

ELN Electronic LabNotebook

Our e-lab notebook is suitable for laboratories of all sizes. Manage various data types easily!

Notebook, Paperless, Chemistry…

LSM Lab service manager

LSM offers an efficient LIMS/LIS solution, simplifying the management of daily lab tasks.

Manage tests, Barcoding, Track Samples…

Data LoggerSensor tracking

A network-based application providing comprehensive total control over storage equipment parameters.

Sensors, Temperature, Humidity…


Easily manage your workflows by consolidating processes into templates.

Templates, Graphical flow chart…

PhotoBankMedia Manager

Efficiently organize and store media files generated during projects, including microscopy and electrophoresis.

Media files, Microscopy, Gallery…
Sequencing Service Management


Efficiently manage the receiving of samples and their transfer from packages to plates.

Samples, Barcode, Bulk Package…
event add-on

Event CalendarPlanning manager

Effectively manage and share events across multiple calendars between users and/or groups.

Calendar, Share events…
LabCollector Equipment Scheduler mobile app


Optimize scheduling and reservation processes for any equipment with ease…

Equipment, scheduling, reservation…
icon tube sorter

Tube SorterSample manifest

Tube Sorter efficiently recovers dispatched samples, automating the process and ensuring efficient storage.

Recover samples, samples, storage, automation…


Effectively manage fish entries, transfers, growth, and feeding, including custom alerts…

Fish growth, feeding, transfer…
Plant Management Add-On

Plant ManagerPlant tracking

Track seeds and plant growth. Benefit from features such as growth monitoring, barcoding, and efficient transfer processes.

Seeds and plant growth, transfer…
pts icon

PTSProtein Tracking System

Effectively manage and monitor protein processes, from production and purification to analysis.

Protein, Purification, Analysis…
gantty icon

Gantty Project Manager

Keep track of project progress, resources, and expenses using intuitive Gantt charts.

Projects, Progress, Gantt charts…

SNPGenotyping Management

Simplify plate preparation for Fluidigm EP1 and re-ordering assays from suppliers.

Genotyping, Workflows, Assay vial storage…

Sample2BoxScan barcode

Easily read tube/vial barcodes to automate the insertion process into new plate/box maps.

Populate plates, boxes, vial tubes…

Query BuilderReport generator

Utilize interconnected records to track connections and gain valuable insights into your data.

Insightful reports, record, connections…

ParserFile parsing

Parser effortlessly parses files from shared folders and automatically imports selected values into LabCollector.

Parse files, reports…

Central Store Management

Manage common stock rooms and create orders based on diverse lab requests for effective store organization.

Manage storage, organize, stock…

Simple Test LabBasic testing

A FREE management system with three modules: Address Book, Samples, and Reports & Results.

Tests, Samples, Reports…

Advanced Search Manager

Expand search options using Elasticsearch for efficient storage and retrieval of large volumes of data.

Data, Search, ElasticSearch…

Fly Stock

Easily manage fly-related processes, from storage to rearing and transfer to new nutrient media.

Fly, Storage, Plates/Tubes…

E-CatalogMass import

E-Catalog simplifies the mass import and updates of lab reagents, supplies, and consumables directly from supplier lists.

Reagents, Supplies, Consumables…
icon training manager


It is an integrated training and competencies solution that quickly enforces staff skills to meet regulatory requirements.

Compliance, E-training, Skills…

Multi Purchase Order

Easily manage order lists of reagents & chemicals, with detailed seller contact info for a better lab administration.

Purchase order, Reagents, Chemicals…

Weight TrackerWeight monitoring

Stay updated on your sample and reagent levels with accurate real-time weight monitoring

Weight monitoring, Chemicals, Inventory…

Additionnal products

Lab CrossSearchCollaborative catalog

Remote catalog system supports multiple sites giving public access to specific resources stored in LabCollector(s).

Catalog, Searching, Multi instance …

LIS/LIMS PortalLSMRemote

Give your patients access to all their history and reports on a dedicated portal.

Web Portal, Customers & Patients…

Central Store

Get a centralized ordering system for your various labs and help organize your stock room.

Orders, Storage, Catalog…