Webinars Add-on

For those of you who use LabCollector as a true collaborative platform, the Webinars add-on introduces some interesting new features to your LIMS. With the Webinars add-on, you can organize meetings or webinars and collaborate from one place. Communicate easily with internal teams or external people, directly from LabCollector. Many free plugins are available to allow you to customize your conference (audio or video recording, background modification, screen sharing…). No need to use another platform, conduct your meetings directly from LabCollector!

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Key Features:

  • Create meetings in a few clicks
  • Planned meetings for you and your collaborators
  • Simply view on your dashboard past, upcoming and on-going meetings
  • Use integrated plugins to personalized your meeting or webinar
  • Add people with a simple link to share
  • Link Webinars to Event Calendar add-on

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