Custom solution(API)

API (Application Programming Interface) is a software’s computing interface that defines how other systems will interact with it. LabCollector’s API can be customized according to the needs of the lab. It allows third-party software to interact with LabCollector databases (Modules). Our add-ons such as Lab Service Management (LSM) & Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) use API technology to integrate results from third party software. LSM add-on can integrate a third-party software to obtain results and integrate in LabCollector. ELN on the other hand uses API to create or update pages and to recover data of books, experiments or pages. Thus, LabCollector’s API technology to augment instrument integration thereby enhancing automation and help increasing testing and lab efficiency.

A new range of applications based on your LabCollector can be imagined and developed through the LabCollector API. Using the API as a backend database, the laboratory can provide remote information in external catalogs, biological resources, etc. Mobile applications can be quickly connected to the LIMS data and provide in-house dedicated solutions.

LabCollector API for external connectivity

The API is also useful in equipment integration and connectivity using I-Collector (equipment data is automatically posted to LabCollector through the API). Our API is free to use and any developer can use it. It can be used with any front-end client programming language. LabCollector API is available by default on all LabCollector v5.x and this is for FREE. Also check the Knowledge base for additional code samples.

A manual is available with all requests and methods available in version 1: