Do you regularly use software to create your scientific presentations, posters or infographics? Would you like to be able to do all this directly from your LIMS? LabCollector has integrated a tool to create scientific presentations directly within ELN. Thanks to this tool, Mind the Graph, the realization of posters or other scientific presentations becomes simple and fast. The software provides a bank of scientific images as well as predefined templates. Thanks to Mind the Graph, the presentation of your research work will become a real pleasure!

  • Creative scientific presentations
  • A complete image bank
  • Directly integrated into ELN
  • Analyze and create in one place
  • A simple drag & drop system

Mind the Graph

Mind the Graph is an EdTech that uses infographics to explain scientific information in a simpler and visual appealing way. It was founded by the joined efforts of a Life Science Researcher and a Graphical Designer. The focus of the company is to create products that empower scientists, fostering the design of impactful professional-looking infographics with pre-assembled scientifically accurate illustrations available in an online platform. “We turn scientist into designers” is our motto. Mind the Graph products are currently online and sold under subscription (i.e. SAAS), summing up around 500K users worldwide. The company also provides design services for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, helping to improve understanding and adoption of health products. Of relevance, the company founder is also a researcher in Pharmacology and partnered up with a designer to start this technology venture 6 years ago, becoming the leading company in infographics for scientific communication.