Xilis, a groundbreaking force in scientific innovation, has set its sights on transforming cancer research. Collaborating with LabCollector, Xilis embarked on a journey to improve their research operations and enhance their MicroOrganoSphereTM (MOS) technology.

Challenge: Aiming for Precision in Cancer Treatment

With cancer ranking as the second leading cause of death in the U.S., the urgency to combat metastatic disease is undeniable. Xilis recognized the limitations of existing approaches, which often only benefit a fraction of patients. The goal was to leverage precision medicine to identify optimal treatments, revolutionizing cancer therapy.Xilis needed a LIMS solution that matched their unique needs, including API integration and deployment flexibility. LabCollector emerged as the solution, meeting Xilis’ demands, including CLIA lab development (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments).

Solution: LabCollector’s Tailored Efficiency

LabCollector provided an efficient solution to Xilis’ unique challenges:

– API: LabCollector’s practical API has helped Xilis integrate custom tools and essential features into their workflow. This integration facilitated smoother data exchange between different components, optimizing operational efficiency.

– Operations Enhancement: LabCollector’s conversion of standard operating procedures (SOPs) into well-structured workflows strengthened the foundation of Xilis’ operations. As Xilis evolved its custom tools, LabCollector’s adaptable API ensured a seamless transition without disrupting daily activities.

– Data Efficiency: LabCollector’s structured data architecture allowed Xilis to better handle information. This approach improved the discovery and analysis of data, enabling Xilis to make well-informed decisions to advance cancer research.

“The primary increase in efficiency has been from having a system that provides a structured way of representing our data. This has been very important mostly for the downstream side – it allows our data scientists to discover and aggregate data without having to find the responsible person and parse data out of a spreadsheet.”
– David Eklund, Software Engineering Director at Xilis –

– Authentication and Traceability: LabCollector’s user authentication providedthe necessary foundation for traceability, ensuring accountability and security.

– Responsive Support: Xilis experienced minimal reliance on external support and training due to LabCollector’s comprehensive documentation. When support was required, LabCollector exhibited responsiveness and quick assistance.


With the integration of LabCollector’s capabilities and Xilis’ innovative vision, the partnership demonstrates the potential of precision medicine in transforming cancer treatment. The MicroOrganoSphereTM (MOS) technology spearheaded by Xilis embodies this progress, instilling hope and optimism in patients battling cancer.