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University of Lisbon

The laboratory of Prof. Assoc. Cláudio Gomes at the University of Lisbon is mostly involved in Alzheimer diseases research.
We investigate novel anti-aggregation chaperones in Alzheimer’s Disease and how metal ions in the brain influence amyloid formation.We also research on protein misfolding in mitochondrial metabolic and neurological diseases.


Helps to organize the laboratory, to track and manage all inventory. Become a paperless lab by using a user-friendly electronic lab notebook.
We were looking for a versatile solution to centralize lab information, organize and keep track of samples and reagents, manage and book instrumentation, lab notebooks etc. that lab members could easily use, with different levels of access. LabCollector fully corresponded to our expectations and given that it integrates so many solutions and modules in a single platform, it surpassed our initial needs and is now a central part of the lab organization.

it surpassed our initial needs and is now a central part of the lab organization


LabCollector offers a complete solution to manage all types of samples through a modular inventory system. Our LIMS also provides an electronic lab notebook, fully connected to the inventory, to track and manage all experiments performed in the laboratory.
LabCollector was rapidly implemented in the lab without difficulty. Now, experienced users are able to easily train the new users and start using the LIMS from their first day in the lab. Whenever we need it, support is fast, effective, and highly professional.
LabCollector is: Versatile / Robust / Customizable / Very user friendly


LabCollector is fully integrated in our daily routine, and everybody loves to have this powerful tool at hand. Lab productivity is increased as a result as we no longer waste time looking for information, tracking samples, reagents, orders, etc.

  • Easy access to information (eg. sample, reagents, equipment, etc.)
  • Organizing and Sharing information between team members with the ELN
  • Scheduling equipment and tracking maintenance
  • Organizing lab documents – from contacts to orders to manuals

During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns and part-time working periods, LabCollector was critical to manage lab resources and to optimize its use by the team. – Claudio Gomes – Lab Director

Everybody loves to have this powerful tool at hand