Lab Cross Search

Easily search for modules’ records across different LabCollector instances from anywhere.
The collaborative catalog within Lab CrossSearch allows finding and sharing data from modules across users of other LabCollector local instances. Search for available reagents, antibodies, primers, plasmids, and so on in other labs or groups

Share & find the data you want

For institutions with multiple instances

User portal

Perform searches as if you were using a regular search engine. The user portal is only accessible through a specific link.

Admin portal

The administrator portal allows you to manage instances, users and define data privacy (link to section) of modules, records or fields.

Multiple instances

Connect as many instances as you want. The number of instances is unlimited to ensure a complete search solution for your institution.

Search options & Data privacy

Search in all default and custom modules. Type text directly into the search bar to start the search. Search by separating words with a comma which will create an “OR” condition. Search results are organized by instance and by module.

Keep control of what you want to share at different levels. You can hide an entire module, a specific field directly from the admin portal. You can also hide a single record directly from the instance.

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