Tube Sorter Addon icon Tube Sorter

This add-on helps to recover dispatched samples on storage and place them on a working tray. It generates a picklist automatically and the necessary instruction files for the tube sorter robot (BioMicroLab …)and other tube pickers (Floyd2D…)

The add-on also generates instruction files or sample sheets for Fluidigm EP1, Floyd 2D Picker, Hamilton and Illumina! Other equipment integrations can be added. Just send us your requests!

LabCollector currently integrates with:

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Inventory Tracking Enabling A Seamless Sample Supply Chain.

  • Barcoded & non-barcoded items can be fully tracked
  • Tube Sorter allows diverse sample types to be defined and recorded, including small molecules, DNA-based and blood-derived samples
  • All operations that are performed on a sample are automatically recorded in full
  • Feed data into the inventory database in real-time to ensure an accurate picture of all the current inventory and work in-progress
  • Easy sample searching and requesting via sample identifier
  • Easily integrate with Workflow Manager
  • & Much More!



Advanced functionality for sample management across global & multi-site inventories.

Cloud hosting available

  • Works on any device with an Internet connection
  • Online access to records any time
  • No software to download or install

Get started quickly

  • Simple & user friendly interface
  • Training & support available
  • Quickly & easily migrate data

Reliable & Secure

  • Daily & weekly database backups
  • SSL/HTTPS available
  • LDAP and AD is now supported