Advanced Search Manager

Searching for data in LabCollector is simplified thanks to the add-on “Advanced Search Manager” which allows to widen the search options in LabCollector using the Elasticsearch. Its distributed architecture allows you to store, search and analyze large volumes of data in near real time. It is typically used as an underlying engine/technology that powers applications with complex search characteristics and requirements. LabCollector can integrate Elasticsearch to empower search functionalities. Currently usable on ELN, this new advanced search system will be progressively deployed on other add-ons and the entire LabCollector.

Elasticsearch Integration

  • Elasticsearch can be installed on the same server of LabCollector or on a dedicated server/VM or use an Elasticsearch cloud service (AWS, ElastiCloud…).
  • It takes in unstructured data from different locations, stores and indexes it, according to user-specified mapping (which can also be derived automatically from data) and makes it searchable.
  • Indexes are used to quickly locate data without having to search every row in a database table every time a database table is accessed.
  • LabCollector will handle all needed indexing of data and files to Elasticsearch engine.

ELN & Advanced Search Manager: Search Anywhere


The advanced search is now available within Electronic Lab Notebook. Searching for data within books, experiments or pages is simplified thanks to the use of several search criteria (name, tags, creator name etc). An Advanced Search Toolbox has also been developed to edit in one go the tags associated to books, pages or experiments. Searching for files in all kinds of data becomes very simple and efficient!

Advanced Search Manager add-on

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